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Organizers cancel Mexico outsourcing conference because of protest threats

An outsourcing conference scheduled for Thursday in Seattle has been canceled because of threats of union protesting, the conference’s organizers, MexicoNow magazine said.

“It is sad that such threats take place in a free market where the focus needs to be on long-term competitiveness and lower prices for consumers,” MexicoNow editor Sergio Ornelas said in a statement.

The event has been canceled because of the potential for disruption and concern for attendees, Ornelas said.

Machinists union District 751 president Tom Wroblewski said he’s pleased the group has called off the conference.

“At a time when 358,000 Washington state residents are unemployed, untold thousands more have given up on ever finding a job – and one in seven are on food stamps — we felt it was essential that someone ask the conference participants a very pointed question: Why are you working so hard to undermine this state’s economy and send these vital aerospace jobs out of the country?,” Wroblewski said in a statement.

As long as MexicoNow’s goal is to steal American jobs, “we will continue to oppose any effort the group might make to organize any outsourcing conference in Washington state,” he said.

MexicoNow has twice canceled similar conferences scheduled in Wichita.