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O'Neal now leads conservative 'working majority'

"For the past two years, Mike O'Neal has served as speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives. Now he'll actually be in charge," began an article on the website, noting that the recent election made the GOP 16 seats stronger in the Kansas House and wrecked the coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans that had passed budgets and other items over O'Neal's objections. With his new "working majority," O'Neal said he wants to crack down on illegal immigration, further restrict late-term abortion, fight the federal health reform law, approve a voter ID requirement and Gov.-elect Sam Brownback's proposed "Office of the Repealer," and look at cutting personal and corporate income taxes. Even if Brownback doesn't push to repeal the 1 percent sales-tax increase, O'Neal said, he will be a nice change for conservatives after eight years of Democratic governors. "Heavens, they would much rather have Sam Brownback," O'Neal said. "Will he satisfy every pent-up expectation or demand of the conservatives? No."