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Fade to white?

I’m in the press box at Washburn, awaiting the 6A state championship football game between Wichita Heights and Olathe North.

This is a monumental game for Heights and for the City League. Imagine if the Falcons and Bishop Carroll, which will meet Blue Valley in the 5A championship game in Emporia today, both win. That would be a strong boost for a league that hasn’t done much in football -at least on the state-wide level – for many years.

I like Heights in this game and here’s why. Try to stay with me here, because my analysis here is highly detailed and full of football insider stuff.

Yes, I think Heights wins today because Olathe North is dressed in all white – jerseys, pants and helmets. Yes, Olathe North has pulled a KU on us here today. Have you seen those ugly uniforms the Jayhawks are wearing today in their game against Missouri? Apparently, Kansas hadn’t worn all white since 1978 and for good reason. It’s a terrible look.

Nothing says “pansy” like all-white football uniforms. And especially white helmets. KU was doomed the second the Jayhawks took the field today. As I write this, Missouri leads, 21-0.

Speaking of Kansas-Missouri, one of the nicknames for the game is “Arrowhead Armageddon,” because for the past four years the contest has been played at the home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Armageddon, if I’m thinking correctly, is defined as: The scene of the final battle between the kings of the Earth at the end of the world.

First of all, if the end of the world is near I certainly don’t want to be stuck at a KU-Mizzou football game. Secondly, if MU and KU are the kings of the Earth, I don’t want to see the queens.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I thought officials at both schools wanted to soften the verbs in this rivalry. Isn’t that why we’re not supposed to refer to Kansas-Missouri as a border war? Instead, it’s now most often referred to as a border showdown. But isn’t Armageddon more serious than a war? I’m pretty sure that when we reach Armageddon, most of the fighting will be over.

* Well, Boise State blew it. The destruction of the BCS, which the Broncos were supposed to help initiated by beating Nevada on Friday night, instead blew up in Boise’s face with a thrilling overtime loss to the Wolfpack.

That’s it for Boise, which will probably play in a non-BCS bowl game even with an 11-1 record. That’s life outside of the BCS conferences where perfection is mandatory if you have designs on getting in there with the big boys.BrotzmanIf you only feel sorry for one person in your life, make it Boise State senior kicker Kyle Brotzman. He missed a 26-yard field goal with two seconds remaining in regulation against Nevada, then botched a 29-yard attempt in overtime. Either kick would have given Boise State at least a fighting chance to play in the national championship game.

Instead, who knows where the Broncos will land for a bowl game. And Brotzman’s name is sure to go down in Boise State infamy.

Too bad.

Just last season, it was Brotzman who surprised TCU with a 29-yard pass completion to teammate Kyle Efaw that set up the winning touchdown in Boise State’s 17-10 win over the Horned Frogs in the Fiesta Bowl. Lined up in field-goal formation, Boise State coach Chris Petersen, as he’s prone to do, called a play nobody expected and Brotzman delivered in a big way.

And now this.

Brotzman had made 13 of 16 field-goal attempts going into Friday night’s game and hit a 33-yarder earlier. He made the first 118 PATs of his college career before seeing that streak end last season. He has been one of the best kickers in the Western Athletic Conference, a guy who had made 13 of 14 inside 50 yards before the two misses against Nevada.

Bizarre. And heartbreaking for the kid. Kickers have a tough life. They’re expected to make field goals. So when they’re successful, it’s normally ho-hum. But when they miss, it can be Armageddon. Or close.

My Facebook Friend

Coryanne GrahamCoryanne GrahamCoryanne is an old Eagle cohort. Well, she’s not old. For me to classify Cory as old would be laughable. She used to work as a page designer, heady stuff for a lowly sports columnist. For quite a while, she designed Page 1. Needless to say, my Page 1 appearances over the years have been few and far between. I was born for Page 24, which is where I’m most comfortable. I never got to know Cory particularly well. In fact, I can remember only a few conversations with her. I think she’s quiet and, of course, I’m aloof.

But the conversations we did have were pleasant, if not revealing. That’s why they invented Facebook for revelations.

Here’s what Cory had to say about herself and our Facebook friendship:

I am a snarky, tea-drinking, NPR-listening, west-side soccer mom and proud Jayhawk. And I know Bob from my eight years working as a designer and art director at the Eagle. Though I didn’t often work in Sports, a person couldn’t work in that newsroom and not know Bob. A newsroom is sort of like a family, albeit an unconventional one that eats a lot of take-out, and Facebook is as good a place as any to keep track of your extended family.