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No. 2 Wichita State vs. No. 10 Bradley

Shocker fans joined Saluki Nation for the final minutes of Friday’s quarterfinal opener. Everybody loves to cheer for the underdog. WSU fans wouldn’t mind seeing top-seeded Missouri State out of the tournament.

Can’t argue with that. The next best thing is watching the Bears expend a lot of energy to win. Weems – 34 minutes. Ricks – 34 minutes. Mallett – 37. Leonard – 35.

It’s hard to know where WSU’s head is at. It’s a hard team to read. There’s no doubt the Shockers would like another shot at MSU. Had the Bears lost, would WSU have lightened up and lost focus? There’s no way of knowing. I don’t think keeping the Bears alive as WSU’s goal is all bad.