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White Castle delays arrival of mobile kitchens

WICHITA — White Castle is celebrating its 90th anniversary this month, but it isn't celebrating in Wichita until next month.

The Wichita Eagle earlier this year reported that the Columbus, Ohio-based company wanted to celebrate its anniversary here this month by bringing mobile kitchens downtown to sell its famous sliders, which also are known as gutbombs, Whiteys and Whitey one-bites.

That's now on hold until next month when the weather is more consistently nice.

The mobile kitchens have given some hope that the Wichita-founded chain, which is the oldest burger chain in the country, may one day return here. It left in 1938.

Though the company says that's a possibility one day, a safer bet is to try and get your fix at the mobile kitchens because there's not likely to be a White Castle here anytime soon.

Jamie Richardson, a White Castle vice president, last year said the company opens about five to 10 restaurants a year. Those tend to be in cities where White Castle already operates. The closest White Castle to Wichita is in St. Louis.

"I think there will come a time in our future where we'll grow into new markets,” Richardson said. "And it would be kind of fun to do a boomerang voyage back to where it all started."