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CASTING CALL: Region VI coaches

My preview for the Region VI Tournament is coming out tomorrow. It will have everything you need to know about Jeremy Jones, Joe Mitchell, Tyrus McGee et. al

I’ve got that covered.

Today, let’s have some fun.

I can only assume this (extended) weekend’s games are going to be so incredible, so magnificent, that Hollywood will be forced to make a film about it someday. That being said, here’s a few ideas for when Spielberg comes calling …

Anthony Hopkins as Hutchinson coach Steve Eck – Can’t you just see Sir Anthony slipping on a sweater vest, some lightweight reading glasses and going to work to beat Pratt in mid-January? He’d have to drop some lbs. to play Eck, but it could be done. If we can’t get him we’ll take: Woody Allen

Christian Bale as Cowley coach Tommy DeSalme — Since DeSalme looks so much younger, I had to cast age-appropriate. Also, there’s something about DeSalme where you always think he might … just … snap on you! If we can’t get him we’ll take: Justin Bieber

Daniel Day-Lewis as Seward County coach Bryan Zollinger – If Day-Lewis was willing to spend three years as an apprentice to a shoe cobbler to prepare for a role, then living in Liberal will be a breeze. If we can’t get him we’ll take: Bryan Cranston

Clint Eastwood as Coffeyville coach Jay Herkelman — The old, wily veteran. Won’t have the height of Herkelman, who I’m guessing is about 6-foot-7, but he’ll have the gravitas. If we can’t get him we’ll take: Rutger Hauer

Nicolas Cage as Garden City coach Kris Baumann – Cage will have to shave his head. Danny McBride made a late run to get this role, but Cage has that Oscar on the shelf. If we can’t get him we’ll take: Will Smith

I’m out. See you at Koch. TA