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A beauty that never gets old

Yesterday I was in a hurry to get home after a day of “working” at Council Grove Lake. There were photos be sorted and readied and fish to be cleaned.

But I took a scenic route through the Flint Hills because of the way scattered clouds were coming in from the west. As hoped all lined up for a pretty sunset.

Sure, I’ve seen hundreds of sunsets that are better but last night’s certainly warranted slowing down and watching the colors build and then fade.

I wonder how many other people even noticed the sunset at all? Several times I’ve sat in the newsroom and watched as a colorful sunset developed and nobody else seemed to notice. (OK, that most work areas face away from our west windows probably contribute  some to that.)

It’s been the same when a great sunset is building or showing and shoppers hustle across parking lots with not a look westward.

Interestingly enough, I seem to get more comments about Kansas sunsets from those who’ve moved here from other states. Most have said it’s one of the things they like best about living on the prairie.

I’m glad at least a few others are looking.