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Another season passes

Sometimes it seems like a few weeks and other times it seems like a few years since I covered the Sept. 1 opening of dove season at a tiny patch of sunflowers in southeast Kansas.

Sunday afternoon I  brought an end to the 2010-2011 hunting seasons in a goose blind in Butler County. Let’s just say it was a pretty sunset. Friend Ed Markel shot a nice double on geese that passed his end of the blind. Those were Hank’s only fetches of the day.

No biggie.

Thursday morning two of us shot limits from the same field. The previous Sunday four of us did the same in about 90 minutes.

Mostly the fall and winter seasons were very kind. I only hunted for doves five times but the worst of the five would still be considered “good.”

Teal season was disappointing and I didn’t get to go on as many duck hunts as in past seasons for a variety of reasons. But there were some very good hunts, especially in early and mid-November.

Didn’t put my archery permit on a buck this fall though I saw plenty and passed on a lot of smaller deer. The freezer is full of does, though, that came during assorted rifle seasons.

My deer season was made when Jerrod bow-killed a trophy-class buck on our farm on Nov. 11. That’s his second in a row on that date on our place. The habitat programs seems to be working. Trail cameras show a good crop should be available next season, too.

I was also there when my step-brother, Randy, shot his first-ever deer on our place. It was a decent eight-pointer. It was the first time we’d hunted together in more than 30 years and probably the first time he’d hunted the family farm in closer to 35 years.

For a change I went out of my way to make time for some good pheasant hunts, something I’d burned myself out on many years ago. It was obvious populations were especially high in many places. I fear the current drought in western Kansas could cause them to plummet by next fall.

My best bird hunts were a solo limit in Reno County in about 50 minutes and a half-day hunt way out west when we saw an honest 500 pheasants. Both were amazing.

I’d liked to have done a bit more fall turkey hunting but Hank and I enjoyed a good afternoon on Jan. 31.

So it’s really no big deal Sunday’s goose hunt wasn’t action-packed. Maybe that even makes it easier to move on.

It’s time to put some serious thought towards fishing. And on the way home Sunday night I reached in a shirt pocket and found a turkey call I didn’t know was there.

I considered it a sign of good things to come. Archery turkey season opens on  April 1.

Bring it on.