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Flower Factory briefly evicted but reopens in time for Valentine's Day

WICHITA — Not all Valentine's Day stories involving flowers are love stories.

This one is a little less happy.

"Basically, like most things, it comes down to money," says Joad Donnelly, who owns the building at 1302 E. Waterman where the Flower Factory is.

Earlier this week, Have You Heard? reported that the Flower Factory is leaving downtown for a new shop on the west side near 21st and Tyler.

Owner Steve McKnight said he wouldn't be moving until March 1, well after the Valentine's rush.

Thursday, though, he was briefly evicted.

Donnelly bought the building in the fall.

"It's just been a fiasco getting Steve to pay rent ever since then," Donnelly says. "If he's not paying the rent, I just need to move on."

The issue was over $3,615 in rent and late fees.

"This is crazy," McKnight says. "He doesn't really know how to work with someone who's leasing from him."