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George Poulos estate to be auctioned

WICHITA — There's an auction of the late George Poulos' estate Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Malone Auction Center at 922 E. Central.

"It's not a big, big estate, but there are some cool things," says Eric Malone of Malone & Associates Auctioneers & Realtors.

Along with furniture and art, there are some more unusual items, such as an 8-foot Statue of Liberty.

"He was big on civil liberties," Malone says.

There are a lot of copies of Poulos' second book, "The Rascal Is Back."

"He dubbed himself a rascal because he had hundreds of run-ins with the law," Malone says. Some of those “run-ins” involved arson.

The second book cover features a police officer chasing Poulos with a billy club while a building burns in the back.

"We actually have the original cover art for some of the books," Malone says.

There's also a desk once owned by Wichita attorney Warner Moore, whom Malone says was known for representing a few "rascals."

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