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K-State coaches discuss bowls/playoff

Bowl season is always a good time to get a college football coach’s thoughts on the age old debate between the bowl system and a playoff.

At his last news conference before taking Kansas State to the Pinstripe Bowl, Bill Snyder weighed in on the discussion.

“I don’t know,” Snyder said. “I say I don’t know, because so many people have so many different ideas about what a playoff system would entail, and whether that would still incorporate the existing bowls or not to be a part of the playoff system.

“… I’m sure that a certain portion of the bowls — probably the BCS bowls or some of them, anyway — will survive in that sort of environment. How many of them? I don’t know … I would hate to see the tradition of the bowl system disappear. It’s a major, major, major factor in college football, at least it always was. That’s the way I see it.” (more…)