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Bill requiring Pentagon to consider launch aid in tanker bid passes House

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a Defense Level Playing Field Act that would require the Pentagon to consider any unfair advantage in the aerial refueling tanker competition.

The bill was sponsored by Reps. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kansas) and Jay Inslee (D-Wash.)

The bill targets illegal subsidies and launch aid given by foreign governments to Airbus that unfairly places American workers at a competitive disadvantage, according to information from Tiahrt’s office.

“We have repeatedly asked the Pentagon to account for illegal foreign subsidies, but they have refused,” Tiahrt said in a statement. “Congress is sending an important message to the administration and the Air Force that we will not tolerate turning a blind eye to illegal foreign subsidies and giving foreign workers a competitive advantage over American workers.”

The bill passed with a vote of 325 to 23.