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Luis Colon to the rescue

Every time Frank Martin has been disappointed by the play of his Kansas State basketball team this season, he has pointed out how much the Wildcats miss the veteran leadership that Denis Clemente, Chris Merriewether and Luis Colon used to provide.

All three have graduated, and there’s no bringing them back for games. But Martin may have found the next big thing.

While taking a break from professional basketball in Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela, Colon has been spending his time in Manhattan lately. When he practices, he practices with K-State’s current team.

Martin can already see his leadership traits and physical style of play rubbing off on the Wildcats’ younger players.

“Luis is as loyal a human being as I’ve ever been around,” Martin said. “He’s about his people, and if anybody ever crosses his people they’ve got a long night ahead of them. That’s the identity we’re trying to find, and the identity we’re trying to grow. It’s getting better. (more…)