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InSite Real Estate Group fills Delano space

WICHITA — The Kansas area office of the American Diabetes Association is moving to Delano, which gives InSite Real Estate Group 100 percent occupancy at its new headquarters at 608 W. Douglas.

"It's a validation that there is demand for quality Class A space in the core area," says InSite's Dan Unruh.

"We had a lot of interest in this space."

InSite bought the 6,200-square-foot building a year ago.

"This building has been renovated extensively," Unruh says. "The only thing that's original is the structure."

InSite moved its offices there in May.

The Kansas office of the National Electrical Contractors Association moved into 1,748 square feet there a couple of weeks ago.

The location is what attracted executive director David Woodard.

"It seems to be a . . . developing area," he says, noting that he especially likes the community atmosphere.

It has what American Diabetes Association director Patti Tasker calls a "good vibe.”

"We're so excited to go and be a part of that downtown area," she says. "We liked just that it's in midtown so that the people we serve will have easy access to getting to us."