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Brown's Botanicals moves to Dean's Designs space

WICHITA — Years after purchasing Brown's Botanicals at 7722 W. Maple, Brad White is moving the business to his Dean's Designs at 3555 E. Douglas, which is two blocks east of Hillside.

"What I'm doing is simply consolidating that location, which I currently rent, into my own, which we own," he says. "It's just an economics move.

"We can also consolidate some pricing and make it a better deal for our customer."

At one point, White says he had five different sites, each operating under different names.

"We've over the years purchased a number of flower shops that were distressed or people were ready to retire," White says.

He still operates about a dozen stores, but all from his Hillside address.

Moving Brown's Botanicals was a natural progression.

"I hate to lose my presence on the west side, but with the amount of delivery vehicles that we have, we can service it no differently than we have in the past," White says. "Really, nothing's changing."

White plans to keep the Brown's Botanicals name.

"They have a following. There's no two ways about that."