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Kochs vs. Soros

Many conservatives have raised a question in response to the national media's current interest in the political activity of Wichita's Koch brothers: What about all the money George Soros (in photo) gives to liberal causes? So the website tried to compare the political spending of the Kochs and fellow billionaire Soros. It found that political action committee spending and lobbying by Koch Industries dwarfed spending by Soros' company, Soros Fund Management, and by a think tank he funds, the Open Society Policy Center. But individually, Soros has given significantly more money to political candidates and causes than the Kochs. The website concluded: "Given the difficulty in tracking donations to nonprofits and charitable organizations, it's almost impossible to quantify whether the Koch brothers or Soros dominate this political realm. That said, both the Kochs and Soros have spent incredible riches (in) this area with no sign of stopping."