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Mary had a little . . .

Here’s part of the note that awaited us in the Kansas State football press box as we arrived this morning:

Welcome! The Kansas Sheep Association is happy to host today’s press feed brunch before the K-State football game. Representing Kansas sheep producers, the association provides educational opportunities for producers through seminars and tours across the state and promotion of lamb and wool to consumers.”

In other words, we were served lamb, which I suppose is OK if you cover it up with enough barbecue sauce. But picky eater I am, I didn’t chance it. Instead, I contemplated why it is I’m so agreeable to dig into a big chunk of meat, from a cow, but so reluctant to take a bite of lamb, one of the sweetest animals in the petting zoo.

Perhaps that’s it. Maybe it’s that my emotional connection with sheep and lambs is so strong that I cannot bring myself to eat the stuff. That’s what I’m going with; it’s the best explanation I can offer.

Ominous clouds surround us at Bill SnyderFamily Stadium, but so far no rain or wind. Enthusiasm for Kansas State football is running high, but I think most people understand the game against Nebraska on Oct. 7 (a Thursday night nationall televised affair), will be telling for the Cats.

So might today’s game against a Central Florida team that was 8-5 last season and is coached by George O’Leary, who previously coached at Georgia Tech.

I expect Kansas State to win today, but it might not be easy. Some fans, who don’t know about Central Florida, will expect it to be one-sided. I’m most curious to see what the Wildcats can add to their offensive repertoire, which so far has included senior running back and very little else.

Eventually, Carson Coffman and the passing game are going to need to be a threat. I think some quality receivers are in place; now it’s a matter of consistently getting them the ball so they can make plays.

Here’s a weather update: The K-State vs. Central Florida game has been suspended because of lightning. And because of some of the weirdest looking clouds I’ve ever seen.Scary cloudAt left is the cloud – the very bizarre, alien-like cloud, that is producing the lightning that postponed the game. Those of us in the press box are keeping a wary eye on this thing. Some are calling loved ones.

My fiance (soon to be more) and I watched “Glee” for the first time this week. Why we skipped last season, I’m not sure. I never got caught up in the hype.

We went into this viewing with caution, both unsure of whether we would like what we saw. Well, we both loved what we saw and now have to find time to add another show to our lineup, which already includes more shows than I care to mention.

I’m a TV geek, I suppose. Debbie wasn’t, at least before she met me. But now she’s getting more and more hooked. We’re totally stoked for the Sunday night Season 5 premiere of “Dexter,” which we’ve watched on DVD previously. This time, though, I ordered “Showtime,” specifically so we could watch the show from week to week. I’m also curious aboutBuscemi“Boardwalk Empire,” the new HBO series starring Steve Buscemi and produced by Terence Winter, who also produced “The Sopranos.” I’d say that’s a pretty solid resume.

Martin Scorsese directed the first episode and is one of the executive producers.

I’m a National League guy, but because of that I don’t really like many NL teams because they compete all season with the St. Louis Cardinals.

So in the postseason, I’m often pulling for an American League team – except for the Yankees and Red Sox. I never pull for the Yankees or the Red Sox.

This year, I’m torn. I like Tampa Bay and I like Minnesota. I think I’m going with the Twins, a franchise I greatly admire for being competitive with a mid- to small-market budget.

Incredibly, Minnesota is 47-21 without injured first baseman Justin Morneau, who went down in early July with a concussion. His return is doubtful; Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has said he’s planning a postseason sans Morneau.

It shows the depth of the team and the strength of the organization that the Twins have been able to withstand the loss of a former Most Valuable Player.

It’s another interesting week in the NFL; lots of juicy games. Some picks, home teams in bold:

Pittsburgh 20, Tampa Bay 14

Houston 31, Dallas 21

Kansas City 20, San Francisco 17

Minnesota 27, Detroit 21

New Orleans 28, Atlanta 21

Miami 21, New York Jets 17

Chicago 24, Green Bay 21

My Facebook friend

Lori Linenberger

Lori is a features editor at The Eagle (responsible for our Go! section) and one of the finest journalists I know. She’s done a little bit of everything during her long, long career, including a stint with UPI (United Press International). If that gives away her age, I apologize.LoriWe’ve been friends a long time and try our best to go to lunch once a week just to catch up. Lori is smart and opinionated and she loves television and movies. She’s deeper than me, but who isn’t?

Anyway, Lori, who is from Great Bend and went to KU, is not just a Facebook friend, she’s a real-life friend. There is a difference, at least some of the time.

Here’s what she had to say about our Facebook friendship:

“I got to know you working nights at the Eagle almost 20 years ago because I thought you were so sweet and cute when you brought your little boy Jeff to work with you, after covering a night game. I’ve since learned that the words sweet and cute DO NOT intermingle with the words BOB LUTZ. And that is exactly why we have stayed friends. You are challenging, funny, sometimes maddening, but never boring. Why am I your Facebook friend? Because I go to FB to be entertained, and you are the headlining act! Now that you’re sufficiently buttered up, will you buy me lunch next week?