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Binoculars+cell phone = cool pic

Ever been afield and wished you had a camera with a telephoto lens so you could share something special with friends?

Nick Muche was earlier this week when a young bobcat came by his treestand while he was bowhunting deer.

Rather than let a cool opportunity pass he went to work with his  cell phone and binoculars, eventually getting these photos.

Pretty cool, huh?

Those who know Nick aren’t surprised at his ingenuity. The 20-something is getting to be well-known, and even better liked, in the local bowhunting community.

He’s super-friendly, works hard at the sport, stays positive and goes out of his way to help others.

He’s stashing money away in hopes of buying hunting land in Kansas. The native of the Great Lakes region loves hunting enough to know this is where he wants to settle when his military career is over.

Here’s a link to a story we ran on Nick about a year ago, when he took a trophy buck on his first hunt after returning from Kuwait.