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Gill says KU needs to be more cohesive in play-calling

Kansas coach Turner Gill said Tuesday that everyone involved in the offense is at fault for the Jayhawks’ inability to get plays called in a timely manner, coaches included.

Against Southern Miss, KU had to call timeouts several times to save itself from delay-of-game penalties and in general was not able to keep the same up-tempo style it employed against Georgia Tech.

“From a coaches’ standpoint, what we can control, one thing we gotta do is make sure we get the play in fast enough,” Gill said. “I think that’s part of it. Number two, the people (on the sideline) that are giving the signals and the quarterback being able to receive it so there’s not any misunderstanding and missignaling. That’s going to happen occasionally. It’s not gonna be perfect, we all understand that. But I think we can be lot better than what we are from that standpoint. The third, fourth, or fifth ball-game, you hope to have yourself a little bit more consistent in being able to get things done.”

Gill cited having a young quarterback in redshirt freshman Jordan Webb and playing in their first road game as reasons for KU’s troubles.

“From this point on right now, I expect us to be more consistent in getting it done,” Gill said. “We’ve played enough football games that we need to be more cleaned up on that point.”