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Huge 'gator draws varied comments

That a woman from Massachusetts caught and killed a 1,025 pound alligator in South Carolina is pretty big news. The huge reptile was about 13 feet long.

She had a special permit to hunt alligators at Lake Moultrie. I can think of at least six southern states that issue limited numbers of permits to hunters to help keep area alligator populations under control.

Once feared to be heading to extinction in the 60s and 70s, alligator populations are now thriving across the south. They’ve become problem animals in some suburban areas.

Interesting story, even more interesting are the comments placed by readers, like on the below links. Below the CBS story you’ll find comments that are, well, pretty negative.

Then check out the comments from an article that ran in a South Carolina newspaper.

The CBS story.

South Carolina newspaper story.