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More teal, Knot a problem

Word from friends in Great Bend is that Cheyenne Bottoms got a huge push of teal Saturday morning. Hunters told of nearly constant flights of 50-100.

And Friday the action was almost non-existant. Welcome to September teal.

Sorry, no word from Quivira or private marshes in the area. A second-hand report said the McPherson Wetlands have gotten more birds.

This week I saw several friends lose fish when their knots failed them. All were using improved clinch knots, which are the old stand-by. I’m guessing they didn’t cinch the knot down tight with a little saliva and their fingers. They also may have clipped the tag-end of the line too short.

If you’re tying the knot be sure it’s totally snugged down using your thumb and forefinger nails. Leave at least 1/4-inch of line showing.

Good fishing. A lot of assorted fish are being caught.