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Is GOP really serious about deficit?

Many GOP candidates are vowing to eliminate deficits. But as Libertarian Party chairman Mark Hinkle noted, more than 60 percent of federal spending is in Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and the military. "It would be impossible to eliminate the federal deficit without cutting entitlements or military spending, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Hinkle, who favors such cuts. Chris Wallace of Fox News tried repeatedly but unsuccessfully Sunday to get California GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina to name just one entitlement benefit she would reduce or eliminate. Wallace noted, as did Hinkle, that entitlement spending is where the money is in the federal budget. Hinkle's suspicion: "Republicans may have no serious intention of cutting federal deficits or spending, and their complaints about 'out-of-control spending' might be hypocrisy."