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Final day of NBAA in Atlanta

ATLANTA — It’s the final day of the world’s largest business jet show in Atlanta. After the show closes, the 93 planes on display at the DeKalb Peachtree Airport in Atlanta will begin to depart.

That’s quite a task considering the number of planes that are here and how close together they’re parked on the ramp. Getting them in the air takes quite a coordinated effort as many will be  ready to take off at about the same time.

Hawker Beechcraft will have an added task. Its lineup of aircraft is underneath an enclosed, massive white tent. That’s a plus for potential customers who can linger around the aircraft out of the sun or rain. In preparing for the show, the planes were put in position, and the tent constructed around them. To get them out, part of the tent must first be taken apart so they can be tugged through the tall ends of the tent.