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When is the last time the weather scared you?

Maybe it was that large hail that hit Wichita on September 15.

Perhaps it was those scary looking clouds that passed over the Kansas State football game in Manhattan a couple of Saturdays ago.

Our answers may vary widely, which is why I ask the question: when is the last time the weather genuinely frightened you? What kind of weather was it?

For me, I’d have to say it was that late afternoon in May when I heard a report on the police scanner that a tornado had been spotted on the ground heading for the airport —- that it had been spotted from the air traffic control tower. It was purportedly on a track to come right through the heart of Wichita.

A sinking feeling hit me as I pondered for a few moments the sheer magnitude of destruction that seemed possible. I wondered if Wichita’s history was about to write a new, grim chapter.

Fortunately, the rotation collapsed and the nightmare scenario never unfolded.

But I’m curious to hear readers’ stories about when the weather last frightened them — and what they did about it. The floor is yours…