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Thoughts on Butler-Coffeyville, KCAC basketball and Cowley volleyball

CORNELIUS CARRADINE IS NOT THE DUDE GETTING SACKEDIt’s been a busy week for me, starting with last Tuesday’s KCAC basketball media day in Wichita and continuing on to Saturday’s showdown between No. 1 Butler and No. 3 Coffeyville at Coffeyville. Today, I had the chance to talk with Cowley volleyball coach Jennifer Bahner, who led the Tigers to a national-runner up finish last year (her first year) and has Cowley ranked No. 1 this year and on a school record 26-game win streak.

So let’s dive in.

Butler-Coffeyville: Wrap your mind around the fact that Butler did everything in its power to give this game away at the beginning, spotting the Red Ravens 12 points right off the bat, and still came back and won by 12 points. I don’t know that Coffeyville has that much of a better team than Butler, but they’re undisciplined. Personal fouls and penalties absolutely, and quarterback Cayden Cochran played terrible. He seemed nervous from the first snap and couldn’t find any precision on his passes. As far as Butler … Cornelius Carradine was magnificent. So was Marcus Kennard. The unsung hero for the Grizzlies, however, has got to be tailback Ben Axon. That’s the second time I’ve watched Butler play this season and both times dude has been an absolute workhorse, this time getting 32 carries for 118 yards. He’s a human clock eater. Now, we get No. 1 vs. No. 2 … is Hutchinson ready? More on that later this week. Oh, and I’ll be at that game, too, about two hours early so I can get a seat.

KCAC basketball: I usually do a behind-the-scenes thing for media day, but just didn’t have time this week. So instead, I’ll be doing a two-parter for the KCAC, breaking down the men’s and women’s hoops. It will be a little more in-depth than usual, and hopefully worth the wait. And on that note, nobody knows who will win on the men’s side, and nobody will be able to beat Sterling on the women’s side.

Cowley volleyball: The Tigers have the No. 1 ranked team in the nation for the second time this season. How’d they do it? They were preseason top pick, lost first two matches, then reeled off 26 straight to get back to top spot about 3 weeks ago. Cowley outside hitter/setter Rosalyndy Acosta is a 6-foot-3 marvel who was a first-team All-American and Jayhawk East MVP last year. Talked to Bahner about Acosta’s college choices, and she was a little iffy about saying who was after her, although she did say that she was a high-level DI talent.

That’s all I’ve got for right now. Talk to you soon.