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A few minutes with ... Jacob Pullen

He’s been named Preseason Player of the Year by the Big 12, and his team is a popular pick to win a conference championship. The expectations are higher than ever for Jacob Pullen entering his senior season, but that hasn’t changed life for the Wildcats’ go-to guard.

Well, his beloved beard is a little shorter than it was last year. But he’s working on that.

During Kansas State’s recent Madness in Manhattan event, he embraced those expectations and told fans to expect a memorable year of basketball. Afterward, he shared a few more thoughts:

High expectations have been given to this team. But what are your own expectations?

Just to win ball games. When we prepare like we prepare every season, we’re going to win ball games. We don’t want to say we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that. We just want to get the job done. (more…)