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Did a hail stone do that? Or a body?

Dick Elder, meteorologist in charge at the Wichita branch of the National Weather Service, sent a few photos of damage caused by large hail stones that fell during the now-infamous storm of September 15.

At first glance, the damage to the van looks more like something caused by a body landing on the hood – not a hail stone. Then there is this divot photographed near the agency’s offices on Tyler south of Kellogg. It’s huge, but that’s little surprise, since the agency is across the street from the Tex Consolver municipal golf course. That course and Auburn Hills both took massive poundings during the storm. All of Auburn Hills and the back nine of Tex Consolver had to be closed the day after the storm so crews could patch up the greens.

The divot is nearly a foot across and about four inches deep, Elder said.