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Looking for property? See Don Coleman

WICHITA — A few years back when Don Coleman sold his Utility Maintenance Contractors to Wildcat Construction, he wound up buying a lot of property.

"I had to do something with the money when I got it, so I just bought commercial real estate."

Now, he's trying to sell a lot of it.


"I hate whining around on anybody's sympathy, young lady, but I had a heart attack here about . . . four or five months ago," says Coleman, 66.

He says he's had some complications from it, which affects his ownership of the properties.

"It kind of takes the fun out of it for you, you know what I mean?"

Coleman has quite a few commercial and industrial properties for sale.

That includes three parcels on South Leonine; three parcels on Southwest Boulevard; an office building on West Harry; a former nightclub on West Kellogg in Goddard; six commercial lots just north of the West Kellogg property; vacant land behind Emprise Bank at 199th and Kellogg; eight acres near 167th Street West and Kellogg near where the Northwest Bypass is slated to go; and a 1-acre lot on Kellogg not far from 167th Street.