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David Koch fires back

"If what I and my brother believe in and advocate for is secret, it's the worst covert operation in history," David Koch fumed to the Daily Beast's Elaine Lafferty, also describing Jane Mayer's New Yorker article on the Koch brothers' political spending, headlined "Covert Operations," as "hateful," "ludicrous" and "plain wrong." Most offensive to Koch, who has fought prostate cancer, was the article's suggestion that his membership on the National Cancer Institute's National Cancer Advisory Board had something to do with Koch Industries lobbying against the federal classification of formaldehyde as a carcinogen. "Once you've stood up to cancer, everything else feels like a pretty easy fight," Koch said. "I am not going to be silenced. I believe in what this country stands for and I'll keep at fighting for what I believe in for as long as I am alive."