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Brownback walking away happy

In an upbeat "exit interview" with MSNBC, one of nine the cable network did with the U.S. senators retiring this year, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., expressed admiration for the late Democratic Sens. Ted Kennedy and Paul Wellstone, including the way the former worked with GOP Sen. Phil Gramm to ensure that the impeachment trial of President Clinton was as fair as possible. "There was enough trusting in the relationships there of other members towards the two of them that they could negotiate that," Brownback said. "It was one of the laments on this health care bill. A lot of people were saying that if Ted Kennedy were here we wouldn't have had a partisan of a health care debate as we just came through." Brownback also said he views the GOP as "full of promise" and emphasized that he isn't leaving the Senate because of the current partisanship. "I'm leaving because I gave a term limits pledge," Brownback said.