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15 minute feast

Tonight we’ll have a heck of a meal that’ll include a fork-tender roast, soft red potatoes, cooked onion slices and corn on the cob – all with a nice, flavorful gravy.

And it’ll take me longer to blog about it than it took to actually prepare the meal.This crock pot holds a complete meal - a moose roast, onions, potatoes and corn on the cob.I started by putting a frozen moose roast in the bottom of our crock pot. Venison will work as well.

So will beef, for those who have to slum it with store-meat.

Next is a can of condensed  French onion soup. Atop of that goes large slices of red potatoes and onion.

On the very top, hoping to keep them out of the liquid to come, are several chunks of corn on the cob. It’s set to cook on low for 8-12 hours.

Because it’s cooking long, low and with plenty of moisture it’ll be perfect when served tonight. As well as the soup, moisture from the veggies and meat will make a wonderful sauce that can be spread over the meat and smashed-up potatoes.

In the past we’ve varied things up a bit by wrapping the venison roast in cabbage leaves. I’ve also added small, whole beets and carrots.

No matter, it’s one of the quickest meals I prepare. It’s also one of our favorites.