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Summer showers can touch the soul

The skies rumbled as I walked into the mall, and I had a feeling the clouds would be weeping by the time my tasks were completed.

I was right. It was a warm, steady rain, and if it weren’t for the frequent claps of thunder – which meant lightning wasn’t far off – it would have been tempting to just stroll among the rain drops.

A summer shower is an amazing thing, if you slow down enough to pay attention. It engages the senses in a marvelous way.

You have the sound of the thunder as the storm approaches, the sight of lightning flashes if it’s a thunderstorm, the smell of the coming rain, air so humid you can reach out and touch it.

A summer shower is an orchestra of sounds. Pick up the distinction between rain drops hitting tree leaves, or bark, or bare ground or cement There’s a ping, a pock, a thud, a slap. Steady rain on hard surfaces sounds like applause, as if the crops and lawns and landscaping are thrilled to be receiving moisture.

A rain is nature’s way of washing the landscape’s face, leaving behind a freshness – almost a newness. Plants are invigorated, colors revived, spirits cleansed… never gets old. Unless, of course, there’s so much of it flooding becomes a threat.

A couple of times in the past few weeks I’ve spotted people sitting on their covered porches during light rains — just watching and listening.

How I envied them.