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News from duckville good and bad

Good news and bad news on the waterfowling scene.

Delta Waterfowl, a conservation group, recently published an in-depth news release about what’s happening this year with waterfowl production.

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It  looks like populations migrating this fall will be similar to last year. Some species may see a slight decline in numbers compared to last year but still have populations above the long-term average. That’s pretty good news.

And once again the U.S. produced more ducks than Canada. For decades, if not centuries, it was the opposite.

That there are on-going fears of escalating prime waterfowl habitat loss in the U.S. is the bad news. The report also takes a look at what impact the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could have on some species of waterfowl.

Interesting reading, though not what many will enjoy learning.