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Jamar Samuels, Nick Russell headed to Europe with East Coast All-Stars

Jamar Samuels and Nick Russell will soon be traveling to Europe to play a number of summer games with the East Coast All-Stars.

Samuels, a soon-to-be junior forward, hinted at the tour last night on his twitter page. A K-State basketball spokesman confirmed the news today.

It is the same trip Jacob Pullen and former swingman Dominique Sutton experienced last year throughout the Czech Republic.

Russell, a soon-to-be sophomore guard, and Samuels are currently in New York and will be across the pond tomorrow. The trip will last until Aug. 15. While there, they will travel throughout France and Switzerland to play opponents such as the Swiss national team.

The games will take place in Geneva and Paris.

There are no other Big 12 players on the team’s roster, but Lewis Jackson (Purdue), Scott Martin (Notre Dame) and Jeff Peterson (Arkansas) are notable teammates.