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See you in November, same blog time, same blog place

You know it’s late in the evening when reporters covering elections are so bored waiting for returns that they start playing online Scrabble and grazing the sad little leftovers from the buffet line that their journalistic mores wouldn’t let them enjoy when the food was fresh.

I’d planned to make it back to Raj’s party, but I’m guessing that’s probably dying down now that he’s won. Then again, those party people looked like they may be in it for the long haul.

I, however, am not.

My good friend and colleague, Jaime Green, said, “You can’t leave now! ‘Eye of the Tiger‘ just started!”

I’d say that’s a good indication it’s time to go.

Also it’s time for a little dinner and a little rest. After all, the general election will be here before you know it.