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Goyle claims Democratic primary victory, decries "nasty personal attacks" by GOP

Rep. Raj Goyle, D-Wichita, formally claimed victory in the Democratic primary for the 4th District congressional race minutes ago.

Goyle, who easily handled underfunded challenger Robert Tillman, drew repeated applause from the standing-room only crowd at his victory party when he vowed to work to end tax subsidies that help corporations outsource American jobs overseas.

He also drew loud applause when he promised to hold Wall Street bankers accountable for their actions that plunged the nation into recession.

But his biggest applause line came when he talked about the 4th District Republican campaign.

Speaking before it was decided, he said that if Sen. Jean Schodorf, R-Wichita won the Republican nod, “One thing will be certain, the nasty personal attack ads will finally stop.”

However, he said two of the other GOP candidates, Republican National Commiteeman Mike Pompeo and businessman Wink Hartman, had engaged in an “unprecedented campaign of attack ads and mudslinging.”

He promised his supporters “we will respond to any and all attacks vigorously and factually, because the voters of Kansas deserve nothing less.”

After his speech, he said “I’ve heard from thousands of voters who were put off by the tone of the campaign” between Pompeo and Hartman.