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Moran's satellite celebration

Moran supporters Jeff and Katelyn Timmermeyer and Jeff’s brother, Brad.

Jerry Moran is watching election returns for his U.S. Senate race from a big party for Republicans in Kansas City.

But his Wichita field director Brian Perkins wanted to thank Moran volunteers and supporters who’ve put in campaign time here.

So he’s throwing a little party at Back Alley Grill, the restaurant attached to The Alley at 13th and Greenwich.

The party, attended by about 40 supporters, may not have the candidate, but it does have a lot of free Back Alley pizza. It also has a lot of tension. At the moment, the race is neck-and-neck.

“We wanted to do this as a way to thank our supporters,” Perkins said. “We figured the least we could do was buy them pizza.”