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Partying Schodorf style

Whatever happens in her race against Wink Hartman and Mike Pompeo, Jean Schodorf has one attribute that they don’t: She looks great in a skirt.

Now, before anyone gets all riled up that I’m mentioning her attire, just hear me out.

I only noticed Jean’s appearance because the second I saw her, she grabbed a seat on a leopard-print chaise lounge — I’m not making this up — crossed her legs, kicked back a bit and relaxed, fleeting though it was. It was quite a pose.

Her party at the Grand Chapel on Broadway didn’t have much energy, but the food was well-chosen. Cortez, El Mexico Delano and Saigon catered along with Kevin Brown and the Grand Chapel.

It’s not quite enough to cheer Jean at this point. She’s not eating. Instead, she’s studying her second-place returns. She seemed to get a little sad discussing them. I had to fight the urge to give her a hug. In addition to not being quite the journalistic thing to do, I can’t imagine that’s what Jean would have wanted, either.

Now I’m off to see Todd Tiahrt. I doubt I’ll have the urge to hug him, but you never know.