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Pompeo people partying

The first problem with Mike Pompeo’s party ginormous throw down at the Comotara Banquet Hall at 2929 N. Rock Road is that you can’t find a parking place.

The second problem is that, once you get inside, the place is so packed that you can’t find a spot to stand.

Of course, that’s no problem at all for Pompeo supporters, a well-heeled crowd noshing on Corporate Caterer’s catering (finger sandwiches on rye, cheese platter, spinach and artichoke dip, etc.) and cheering as television screens flash poll results that are favoring their guy so far.

The room is filled with more than 300 supporters wearing “I Like Mike” stickers, sipping adult beverages (from a cash bar) and collecting I Like Mike tchotchkes — maracas, licorice sticks, tambourines, etc.

The candidate himself is not here. Depending on which report you believe, he’s home watching returns and resting up for a triumphant return later tonight, or he’s out hopping other election night parties.

Either way, his supporters are getting down and soon will be able to get down to the sounds of a live rock band — Derrick and the Shale Shankers.

One of the attendees is Ken Jarvis, who’s driven Pompeo’s “Pompeo Express” Winnebago through parades and meet-and-greets for the past five months.

“I like his integrity,” he said. “When I first started visiting with him, he sat down and talked to me for an hour.”