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Party on, dudes

Well, alrighty. Party people are in the house at the Anchor. Raj Goyle’s official return party is here, and it’s standing-room only with a wait to get in the back room. From a quick look around, it appears that the College Hill crowd is out en masse.

Gwen Welshimer and her supporters are gathering here as well.

Neither candidate has arrived, so I’m off to another party and will stop back by later.

Oh, wait … there’s Gwen now. I just accidentally walked in front of her SUV, and she was kind enough to stop. There you go. You don’t have to agree with someone’s politics — and I’m not saying if I do or don’t — to appreciate her as a person.

A little advice for Raj … if you make it to the general election, you might pick a bigger party venue. Either that, or the Anchor needs to add on. And if it does, please let Have You Heard? know first!