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Party at Lucy's house

Every good hostess knows the best way to get a clean house — unless you’re lucky enough to have a maid — is to throw a party. So that’s what Lucy Burtnett is doing.

Not to mention she’s a Republican running for Sedgwick County Commission. So she’s vying for office, throwing a watch party at her own Riverside home AND doing the cleaning herself. Is she nuts?

“Yeah — I’m running for office,” Burtnett says.

We can report that she had the good sense to hire Jetman to do the barbecue. Just walking in to the smell is a treat. Of course, I felt it was my journalistic duty to taste it, too. Jet and Lucy don’t disappoint.

Gotta love her neighbors as well. Every one of them seems to have a yard sign supporting her. One neighbor brought tasty deviled eggs. Another even changed parties for her.

“I want you to know you owe me big time,” Zak Manuszak says. “I had to become a Republican for 24 hours to support your butt.”

Burtnett’s 1925 home, complete with glass figurines, lots of books and a big-screen TV, is lovely. Wouldn’t you know, though, that her upstairs AC went out just this morning. Looks like Burtnett will be hitting the downstairs couch tonight.

“I think I probably will.”