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Eat, pray, vote

Well, got one checked off my list. I voted. Not that I’m wearing the sticker to prove it. Doesn’t match my bling.

Now, I’m praying that my candidates win — while I’m munching on some of their opponents’ food. Or at least that’s the plan. Just as soon as I learn my new iPad.

Then I’m off to hit the party circuit to answer these and other crucial questions:

Mr. Tiahrt, are you having your party at the Airport Hilton so you can then hop on a plane back to D.C.?

And JoAnn Pottorff, what color is your front door? Don’t know if I’ll have time to stop by, but I’m just wondering since you bothered to leave that nice, hand-written note on our photo editor’s front door yesterday complimenting him on his brick red paint job. Girl, where do you find the time?

More importantly, are any of the millions Wink Hartman spent on this campaign going for his party at the former Eaton Steakhouse? Is Chester’s by chance catering? Please, someone say yes.