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Pointing fingers while extending hands

GOP 4th Congressional District candidates Mike Pompeo and Wink Hartman both sought and received government handouts at businesses they've run. Yet neither thinks this is inconsistent with campaign messages railing against government handouts and praising the free market. That's not surprising, as candidates don't like to admit to being hypocritical. It's also common for people to point fingers at others without recognizing that they're benefiting from government spending — as some senior citizens did in protesting that government should keep its hands off their health care.Pompeo said it was OK that one of his former companies took government handouts, because it had to compete with other companies that qualified for the government programs. That sounds a lot like what Wichita officials say (but often are criticized for by free-market advocates) when they offer tax abatements and incentives to businesses: They have to compete with other cities and states offering handouts.