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John David Burkholder starts Garage Sale Gurus for one-stop garage sale help

WICHITA — Unlike a typical laid-off worker who might hold a garage sale to make extra money, John David Burkholder is creating an entire company built around garage sales.

Burkholder lost his job as manager of content and strategic positioning with Preferred Health Systems in March.

He's doing a lot of Web consulting, but he wanted to find another part-time job.

His father-in-law, Les Seibert of Bug Stoppers, had an idea he'd kicked around about a company that would provide everything someone needs for a garage sale.

That inspired Burkholder to start Garage Sale Gurus, which is gearing up to serve its first customers.

"The hope is to be able to have kind of a one-stop shop when it comes to garage sale supplies," Burkholder says.

On the Monday before a garage sale, Burkholder will deliver tables, clothes racks, signs, pricing stickers and anything else someone needs for a sale.

After the sale, he'll pick up everything, including leftover items people don't want.