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Cheyenne Bottoms looking like fall

Just back from Cheyenne Bottoms researching an article on the area’s sky-high population of crawfish. We saw them by the hundreds.While fall migrants were still in low numbers at Cheyenne Bottoms, super-sized crawfish were in great supply. You can read about a day of catching "prairie lobsters" on the Aug. 7 outdoors page.But while the temperature and green vegetation said middle of summer some things we saw made us think of fall.

Several nice flocks of blue-winged teal, with 15-20 birds per bunch, appeared to be newly arrived migrants. We saw several big flocks of shorebirds. Sorry, I can’t tell you which ones but my hosts said they hadn’t seen many like them before the past few days.

No question the early stages of the fall migrations are upon on. It at least gives us hope the real fall migrations and weather conditions can’t be far away.