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Pompeo campaign worried about Schodorf

In the 4th Congressional District GOP primary, Mike Pompeo is leading Jean Schodorf (in photo) by 7 percentage points in a new SurveyUSA poll, sponsored by KWCH, Channel 12. But Schodorf's fast rise appears to have Pompeo's campaign worried. It sent out an e-mail this week stating that "the polls have tightened considerably in the last 48 hours" and urging supporters to "bring up Schodorf" in conversations with voters and remind them that she has voted for tax increases. Pompeo's friends at Americans for Prosperity-Kansas also sent out a mailer this week blasting Schodorf for voting for a state budget that increased spending by $200 million. What the mailer doesn't explain is that the increase replaced federal stimulus money that was going away. Without it, K-12 schools would have suffered another large funding cut. A shadowy Ohio group also began running negative radio ads against Schodorf.