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Moran raises $90,000 more than Tiahrt in second quarter

In their Republican primary campaigns for the U.S. Senate in Kansas, Jerry Moran raised nearly $90,000 more than Todd Tiahrt during the second quarter, according to a report filed this week with the Federal Election Commission.

Moran also had nearly $1 million more cash on hand than his congressional colleague at the end of the second quarter on June 30.

For the second quarter, Moran spent about $1 million more than Tiahrt.

With the primary election on Aug. 3 less than three weeks away, Moran closed the second quarter with $2.269 million in cash on hand to Tiahrt's $1.282 million.

The federal report showed Moran's campaign had net contributions during the quarter of $535,000 and Tiahrt had $446,000. That was the most Tiahrt's campaign has raised in a quarter, Tiahrt spokeswoman Michelle Schroeder said.