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Traveling by train

First train trip across America certainly left me impressed.

Well, the 3 a.m. departure from Newton was pushing it a bit but a little on-board napping made up for that quickly.

It was so nice to not have to show-up and check-in an hour or two early, go through in-depth security checks and not worry about losing our luggage.

I also found the seats larger and more comfortable than on commercial airliners with lots more leg-room.  The ability to get up and roam at will was greatly appreciated.

We – Kathy, Jerrod, her sister, Barbara and me – passed the time playing cards in the observation car. Breakfast in the dining car was pretty danged good, too. I was able to plug-in my laptop to get some work done and watch a movie.

Most of the people were super-friendly. Complete strangers often sat down and struck-up conversations.

I watched one amiable traveler sit down to an 8 a.m. breakfast of a banana, a box of Dots and a Budweiser. Guess he had the major food groups covered, though a Bud-Light may have been healthier.

Dunno, looked and sounded like the guy’s been making it just fine on such meals for many, many years.