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Public divided on issues, Obama

Though 54 percent of the public approves of how President Obama is handling his job, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, the public is evenly divided on his handling of specific issues. The same percentages of people approved as disapproved of Obama's work on the economy, health care and financial regulation, according to the poll. Obama scored highest on the situation in Afghanistan, with 56 percent approval, and lowest on the federal budget deficit, with 55 percent disapproval.Obama rated higher than Republicans in Congress, though the gap has closed during the past year. Those surveyed trust Obama more than Republicans on the economy (49 to 38 percent), regulating the financial industry (52 to 35 percent), the federal deficit (45 to 41 percent) and health care reform (49 to 39 percent). As for Obama's political views, 39 percent they were too liberal, 5 percent said too conservative, and 53 percent said they were about right.