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Offshore drilling just got harder to sell

Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen has nothing but contempt and sarcasm for those still promoting offshore drilling even as the Deepwater Horizon spill worsens. He wrote: "By all means, let's surround Florida — a virtual hurricane magnet — with drill rigs. According to the U.S. Minerals Management Service, hurricanes Rita and Katrina destroyed 113 gulf platforms, damaged 457 pipelines and caused 146 spills that dumped 17,652 barrels of petroleum. One medium-sized blowout could trash miles of shoreline and kill a tourist season. Nothing sells seaside hotel rooms like YouTube videos of gunk-covered turtles and dead pelicans. This is a no-brainer. Florida can't afford offshore drilling. The risk to the economy is ludicrous, compared to the relatively small amounts of oil to be found."